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 Australia's lightest and most affordable motorcycle camper trailer.


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the best solution is often the easiest
Our focus has always been to create an affordable alternative to saddle bags an swags
  1. Roadster sleeping area
    Roadster sleeping area
    Spacious living area of 2.4m long by 1.3m wide and 1.3 metre high more thanbig enough for two adults. Mattress supplied is a high density foam measuring 2m x 1.3 m. 2 side pockets provide storage for mobile etc. All windows are fitted with fine mozzie mesh and fully waterproof panels all of which can be operated from inside the trailer.
  2. 380 litres of storage
    380 litres of storage
    Accessible from a rear door is 380 litres of storage area to carry all the accessories / camping gear needed for a lengthy getaway. Lighter gear such as blankets and pillars etc. can be stored under the fitted cover of the tent leaving this area free to store the heavier gear maximising the space and kepping the centre of gravity as low as possible.
  3. Lockable nose cone toolbox
    Lockable nose cone toolbox
    A separated lockable toolbox is the ideal space to store those items that require easy access on the move such as riding gear or anything better separated from all the other gear being stored in the main area of the trailer.
  4. 360 degree swivel hitch
    360 degree swivel hitch
    Imported from the USA, our swivel hitches are constructed of aircraft grade with no-maintenance Roulon bushing. Recommended for any Roadster being towed behind a two wheel motorcycle.
  5. Spare Wheel
    Spare Wheel
    All Roadsters come standard with a spare wheel / tyre conveniently located underneath the trailer body. Changing the tyre couldn't be easier due to the built in jack in the form of the rear propstands.