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Frequently asked questions

 Hopefully answers to the most FAQ's below will help with your enquiry, if not simply complete the contact form at the bottom of the page and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.
  1. Where can I get a tow ball for my bike?
    Classic industries in Yandina, QLD specialise in providing tow balls for all makes / models of motorbikes. Follow their website link below to search for a tow ball suitable for your bike or give Steve a call at Classic Ind.
  2. How much will cost to for delivery?
    As little as $150 depending on whereabouts in Australia you are located. Check out the map of Oz on the homepage for fixed delivery prices to each capitol city or complete the inquiry form below for a firm quote for delivery to your door.
  3. Do I need a swivel hitch for my bike?
    Not compulsory however we strongly recommend having one fitted to any two wheel bike. Not required if you have a three wheeler.
  4. What do I have to do to get the Roadster registered?
    In WA the trailer already registered and licensed for one year. In all other States the Roadster comes with everything required to get it registered. In VIC and QLD (due to the size of the trailer) registration can be done by way of an online form available the relevant States authority. All other States the trailer will need to be inspected by an authorised inspection centre prior to obtaining a license plate from transport.
  5. What size bike do I need to tow the Roadster?
    Obviously the bigger the bike the better as it's more about the weight of the bike as opposed to the power. The only law governing the towing of trailers behind motorbikes is that "the bike has to be heavier than the combined weight of the trailer and its load". A bike with a longer wheelbase, such as a cruiser is far better suited than a shorter wheel base bike like a sports bike.
  6. What size wheels are available?
    8" or 10' rims are available. Anything bigger will not fit and will only lift the height of the Roadster which is not recommended. Both 8' & 10" rims / tyres are capable of carrying the maximum capacity of the trailer which is 400kg at highway speeds. As the Roadster only weighs 115kg, even allowing for an additional 75kg of gear, the combined weight is half that of what the wheels / tyres are regulated to operate within.
  7. What tyre pressures should I run?
    This does depend on how heavy the load is that you are carrying however as a rule firmer the better. 40 psi is the maximum that should be used as this allows fro some additional pressure as a result of heat building up when in use on a say a long trip in hot weather. The most important thing to remember is that under inflated tyres may result in sidewall flex which can cause a floating effect, which is not good.
  8. How should I load the trailer?
    Evenly. Spread the load across the whole of the storage area so the trailer is balanced. If you have a 20kg item located in the left hand side of the storage area but a similar weight on the right hand side. Same goes for back and front. That said, depending on the bike there should be around 10 kg of of down weight on the draw bar. It is recommended to load the trailer, check the tow ball weight with some bathroom scales and go for a teat ride slowly increasing speed to ensure stability.
  9. Can I tow a Roadster behind my car?
    Definitely. The 122 / 127 trailer used for the Roadster is a French built trailer designed to be towed behind cars, we actually modify the trailers to lower them when sold to be towed behind motorbikes. Same applies to Trikes, Spyders and bikes with sidecars!